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Dear friend,Thank you for adding your magical presence to our world!And thank you for our connection, across differences, space and time -With love

“I think and think and think, I‘ve thought myself out of happiness one million times, but never once into it.”  ― Jonathan Safran Foer Note: There's an almost word to word transcript of this video further down.We aren't born thinkers. We become thinkers. We learn to think and while thinking is an amazing capacity and a blessing [...]

We all want to feel and enjoy love, joy of living, playfulness,  flow - so what stops us? Restlessness is definitely a factor. Let's take a look at it, and behind it:Give your restlessness your attention rather than just escaping or moving on right away.By the way, the SEE Approach will help you embrace restlessness too. And you can also  just stop, [...]

Note: The SEE Approach that this post refers to has since been released. Learn about it hereWhen I was in my early forties, I experienced the most dramatic breakthrough of my entire life so far.What came out of it is an approach that ultimately lets you move through any difficulty, any pain, any challenge and into joy.The approach [...]

There comes a time when your direction in life is no longer a matter of preference - it's more like a giant calling. The calling could have been there all the way, but there's so much we need to experience first, so many roads to travel, so many people to meet, or not... Until the time [...]

Living alone (or feeling alone) often comes with having a lot less exchange with other people than a more family/community centered life has. It means having to be self-sufficient, in beautiful ways and in challenging ways. It means that your energy system has to be more self-supporting too.You're not being constantly energized (or depleted for that [...]

I've been traveling alone for 4 weeks or so - and none of it is like I expected. Except, perhaps, that it is indeed as I did expect, about finding the less known me. Which in itself isn't all that interesting for the world :-) - but then again, there are some "lessons" that I'm learning [...]

Recently, after I boldly wrote "There are thousands of ways in which we can find and connect with others, if and when so inspired", a dear subscriber asked me to be more specific and share some of those ways. Fair enough! and it started something... First I decided - because I believe it to be true - that [...]

Even if you may want to, you cannot take anyone into the very source of your being. Even if some of it can be shared, the essential communication with your soul remains your own internal experience. And yet, sometimes it is the presence of others that creates the sort of energetical support where you can open that inner [...]

Back in the days, as I was going through the first stages of loneliness , I was constantly struggling with a mental and emotional trap. Again and again, unknowingly, I was  caught in between two "cog wheels", reinforcing each other. The first cog-wheel, was the pain  and the overwhelm of chronic loneliness in itself. Like a mantra, I was saying to myself, [...]